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Looking for a simple way to make massage part of your wellness routine?

Become a member for $35/mo with a simple reoccurring auto payment. Member benefits include:

  • A discounted rate of $35 per 30 minutes for all additional minutes purchased. (non-member price is $45 per 30 min)

  • Roll over minutes for up to 4 months (2 hours of bodywork)

  • 10% discount on classes & workshops


You will be charged $35 when you sign up and will receive a $35 credit to your account to apply towards any session. You will be given your own unique set of codes to receive the special discounted rate when booking online.

Each month you will be charged $35 on the same day of the month that you signed up.

You can cancel anytime after 3 months and will have 30 days to use any remaining credits.

Membership fees are non-refundable. If you would like to cancel, you must do so before your monthly renewal date.


Do I have to book a massage every month?

No. You can roll over your credits for up to 4 months. For example you can come in for a:

  • 30 min session every month

  • 60 min session every 2 months

  • 90 min session every 3 months

  • 2 hour session every 4 months

What if I want more than 30 minutes per month?

That’s fine! You receive the same discounted rate on any additional minutes of massage you receive per month. For example if you would like a 60 minute massage, but only have $35 in credit, the remaining $35 balance will be due at the time of your massage.

Can I share my credits or send someone else in my place?

Yes. If you would like to share your membership or gift your credits to someone, you will just need to book the appointment for them using your account and make a note when you book the appointment with their name and contact info.

How do I apply my code to receive the discounted rate?

When booking an appointment online, click on “Redeem Coupon, Package or Gift Certificate” and enter your unique code to apply the discounted rate. You will have a unique code for each type of massage session, so be sure to enter the specific code for the session you would like to book. Once the code is applied you will see the discounted rate on the appointment type you chose.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

The same cancellation policy applies to monthly memberships as non-members. You must give 24 hours notice or you will be charged 50%. If you no call/no show you will be charged 100%.