Beija Flor

Bodywork & Botanicals


"This may have been the best massage I’ve ever had. The stretching did wonders for my body. I feel so good."

- Becki Aug, 12 2019

"An absolutely beautiful experience! It was my first introduction to Thai massage and I am definitely in love with this form of body work. Maylani is a very skilled practitioner!"

- Andrea August, 7 2019

"This was the best massage of MY LIFE ... huge statement but oh so true. Two hours seems like a lot but time flies because it’s such an amazing experience.

The stretching, perfect pressure massaging, hot herbal goodness, and a relaxing atmosphere. I’ve found “my kind of massage” and there is no turning back!

Thank you!!" - Tricia May 4, 2019

"phenomenal experience. am now recommending to all the people in my life! very relaxing. easily one of the best massages i’ve ever had." - Mandy April 29, 2019

"Absolutely wonderful experience. First time ever falling asleep during a massage. I will definitely be back again!" - Merrilee April 20, 2019

"Very professional and polite! What a great experience, first time to enjoy a Thai massage .. so relaxing and I feel 💯 percent better! I highly recommend!!" - Charyl Mar 31, 2019

"Fantastic, relaxing and therapeutic . Maylani is intuative and highly skilled at Thai massage." - Timothy Mar 3, 2019

"Maylani was attentive and helped ease my tight shoulders. I highly recommend." - Lucy Feb 18, 2019

"Beija is an incredibly talented and intuitive massage therapist. Highly recommended!" - Oxsana Feb 3, 2019

"Excellent!" Melanie Jan 15, 2019

“I found Maylani’s website while I was visiting Portland and she was able to see me the same day. I was struggling with severe pain in my shoulder and numbness in my hand. After a 90 min session focused on my neck, shoulder and arm I am back to pain free movement and have been able to enjoy the rest of my trip.” - Gentry Jan 2019

“Best massage I’ve ever had! I felt amazing after our first appointment, I can’t wait for more. Incredible body work!” - Alyss Jan 2019

"This was my First Thai Massage. It was Amazing; I really enjoyed the experience and will be happy to return!

Maylani helped me work out some shoulder and neck pain.

I left feeling greater range of movement. I cant believe I haven't found this place before.

Maylani is focused and grounded in her work. Schedule an appointment today you will be happy you did." - Curtis Dec 31, 2018

"Amazing!" Michelle Dec 24, 2018

“Incredible experience yesterday getting body work done at Beija Flor. Maylani was not only interested in making me comfortable, she asked me questions to better understand what was going on and how to help. I will be returning soon and often. Really excited to find someone who actually took the time to listen and not just go through the motions. Thank you“ - Chase September, 2018

“Wonderful experience! The space was beautiful and open and Maylani was warm and considerate. She listened to all of my concerns and provided exactly what I asked for. Great massage overall.” - Ann August 2018